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Snowflake Certification Training Course

The CertHippo Snowflake certification training course will enable you to grasp cloud data warehousing. Snowflake will allow you to load and convert data, scale virtual warehouses for performance and parallelism, exchange data, and deal with semi-structured data. You will also obtain a deep understanding of query structures, DDL and DML procedures, Snowflake account management and monitoring, and Snowflake's continuous data protection techniques.

Why This Course

Snowflake has the second greatest market share in data-warehousing at 15.93%.

Snowflake Cloud Data Platform professionals earn an average of $90,000 USD per year, according to


Snowflake is used by HP, Emirates, Dominos, PepsiCo, Pizza hut, Western Union, Allianz, Vimeo, and many other companies to store and analyze data.

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Snowflake Certification Training Course

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Why Enroll In Snowflake Course?

Snowflake Certification Training Course equips individuals with skills and knowledge to design, implement, and manage data warehousing solutions using the Snowflake platform. The program offers a recognized certification that validates the individual's expertise in Snowflake, enhancing their professional credibility and employability in the data warehousing industry. Participants gain practical, hands-on experience to create scalable, optimized, and easy-to-maintain data warehousing solutions using Snowflake. Snowflake is widely used in various industries, making it a valuable skill to have in today's job market. By mastering Snowflake, individuals can access new career opportunities, including data warehousing development, data analytics, and business intelligence analysis.

Snowflake Training Features

Live Interactive Learning

  World-Class Instructors

  Expert-Led Mentoring Sessions

  Instant doubt clearing

Lifetime Access

  Course Access Never Expires

  Free Access to Future Updates

  Unlimited Access to Course Content

24x7 Support

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Hands-On Project Based Learning

  Industry-Relevant Projects

  Course Demo Dataset & Files

  Quizzes & Assignments

Industry Recognized Certification

  CertHippo Training Certificate

  Graded Performance Certificate

  Certificate of Completion


  Preconfigured Lab Environment

  Infrastructure with Tools and Software

  Single Sign-On

About your AWS Course

AWS Solutions Architect Course Skills Covered

Managing Security

Designing Data Storage Solutions

Monitoring Cloud Solutions

Designing Resilient AWS Solutions

AWS Cloud Cost Optimization

Designing Identity Solutions

Snowflake Course Curriculum


  • What is Data Warehouse

  • Limitations of Traditional data warehouses

  • Evolution of Data warehouses

  • Advantages of Cloud over On-Prem

  • Create Snowflake trial account

  • Snowflake Editions

  • Overview of Key Features


  • Snowflake CLI installation & Configuration

  • Different Roles in Snowflake

  • Explore - Databases, Schemas and Tables

  • Snowflake Architecture

  • Snowflake Virtual warehouses overview


  • Web Interface

  • Virtual Warehouses

  • Databases, Tables & Views

  • Queries

  • Date & Time Data

  • Semi-structured Data


  • Micro partitions in Snowflake

  • Advantages of Micro-Partitioning

  • Structure of Micro-Partition

  • Query Processing in Snowflake

  • Clustering Introduction

  • How clustering works & It's advantages

  • how to Choose the right keys for clustering

  • Performance tuning


  • Permanent table and fail-safe

  • Transient table

  • Temporary table

  • Transient database in snowflake


  • Snowflake Continuous stream data integrations

  • Streams, Tasks & Snow pipe

  • Lab – Streams & Tasks Lab & Exercises


  • Introduction to Data Sharing

  • Data Providers

  • Data Consumers

  • Working with Shares

  • Using Secure Objects to Control Data Access


  • Tasks Intro

  • Demo

  • SF task Dependency

  • Dependency demo


  • Monitoring Credit and Storage Usage

  • Resource Monitors

  • User Management


  • Roles and Privileges

  • Data Security in Snowflake

  • Snowflake as DaaS

  • Snowflake Vs Redshift Vs Bigquery

  • Snowflake Certification

  • Upcoming features in Snowflake

  • Final Project Overview

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Snowflake Online Training FAQs

CertHippo Snowflake Certification Training is the most effective training module for mastering the technology and pursuing a career in it. 

Snowflake requires no such skill set to master. When learning Snowflake, having a fundamental understanding of Data Warehousing will be beneficial.

If you have strong knowledge of Data Warehousing and Snowflake, you may anticipate to advance your career as a data analyst, database administrator & data architect, ETL Developer, and Datawarehouse Engineer.

With the introduction of technology, learning methodology has altered. Online training improves the training module's ease and quality. Our online learners will have someone available to them at all times, even after the lesson has ended, thanks to our 24x7 support system. This is one of the driving forces in ensuring that people attain their ultimate learning goal. In addition, we offer lifetime access to our updated course materials.

Snowflake Course Description

About the Snowflake Certification Course

CertHippo Snowflake training is meant to teach you how to use Snowflake to develop, deploy, manage, and maintain a cloud-based data warehouse. Snowflake will allow you to load and convert data, scale virtual warehouses for performance and parallelism, exchange data, and deal with Semi-Structured Data. You'll also learn about query structures, DDL and DML operations, managing and monitoring Snowflake Accounts, and Snowflake's Continuous Data Protection mechanisms.

Why learn Snowflake?

Snowflake has the second greatest market share in data-warehousing at 15.93%. Snowflake's capacity to automatically scale assists organizations in achieving the optimal mix of performance vs. cost. Furthermore, Snowflake's unique selling point of separating computing and storage has enticed many firms, like HP, Emirates, Dominos, PepsiCo, Pizzahut, Western Union, Allianz, and Vimeo, to create their data warehouse on Snowflake, analyze data, and make crucial business choices.

Learning Snowflake is simple and may help you advance in your job. Understanding data warehousing and being able to deploy it on Snowflake can help increase your CV and set you apart from the competition.

What are the objectives of our Snowflake Certification Training Course?

After completing this Snowflake training, you will be able to:

  • Understand data warehousing concepts

  • Implement data warehousing solution on Snowflake

  • Install & configure Snowflake CLI

  • Create databases, schemas & tables

  • Create virtual data warehouses on Snowflake

  • Load & transform data in Snowflake

  • Scale virtual warehouses for performance and concurrency

  • Share data with different stakeholders

  • Work with Semi-Structured Data

  • Work with Query constructs

  • Perform DDL & DML Operations

  • Manage and monitor Snowflake Accounts

Who should go for this Snowflake Certification Training?

Anyone who recognizes the necessity of data warehousing and wants to master the art of developing data warehousing on top of the cloud can enroll in our Snowflake Certification Training. Aside from that, anyone who wants to master Snowflake and pass the Snowflake certification exam can enroll in this course.

What are the prerequisites for this Snowflake Certification Training?

There are no such requirements for our Snowflake Certification Training. Prior knowledge of Data Warehousing is recommended but not required.

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This course requires a system with an Intel i3 processor or higher, a minimum of 3GB RAM (4GB recommended), and a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system. In addition, a browser is required to access the Snowflake platform.

You'll need a web browser to use Snowflake's Web UI platform. You may also connect to the warehouse by installing the SnowSQL client on your machine.

  • Create Snowflake trial account

  • Install & Configure Snowflake CLI

  • Create Virtual Warehouses

  • Create databases, schema & tables

  • Writing DDL & DML Queries

  • Create Micro-partitions in Snowflake

  • Perform clustering in Snowflake

  • Performance Tuning

  • Creating transient & temporary tables

  • Creating Permanent tables with fail-safe mechanisms

  • Loading & Unloading data

  • Bulk Loading/Unloading from a Local File System

  • Bulk Loading/Unloading from Amazon S3

  • Bulk Loading /Unloading from Microsoft Azure

  • Loading Continuously Using Snow pipe

  • Loading Data using the Web Interface

  • Working with Streams, Tasks & Snow pipe

  • Using Secure Objects to Control Data Access

  • Monitor resources

  • Perform User Management

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