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PMI® Agile Certified Practitioner ACP Training & Certification

PMI-ACP® is one of the fastest-growing project management certifications, and firms are embracing "Agile" to stay competitive in the ever-changing market dynamics. Obtaining the PMI-ACP® certification boosts your flexibility in Agile technology, which increases team productivity. CertHippo PMI-ACP® Exam preparation course is designed to assist you in achieving this globally recognized accreditation and beyond.

Why This Course

Highly agile organizations finish more projects effectively than their slower-moving competitors - PMI

63% of hiring managers would recommend agile certification to their project managers - PMI


According to, the average compensation for an Agile Certified Practitioner is $101k.

10K + satisfied learners.     Reviews

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PMI® Agile Certified Practitioner Training

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Why Enroll In PMI® ACP Course?

PMI® Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) Training enhances individuals' understanding of Agile methodologies, boosting their employability and career opportunities. Certified PMI-ACP professionals can manage Agile projects efficiently, identify impediments, and facilitate faster delivery of high-quality products. Organizations benefit from increased customer satisfaction, reduced project risks, and improved ROI. PMI-ACP Training enables organizations to adopt Agile methodologies, respond to changing market demands, and stay competitive by delivering successful projects that align with customer needs and business objectives.

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PMI® ACP Course Curriculum

Learning Objectives: By the end of this lesson, you will have a thorough understanding of the PMI-ACP exam, including the most recent exam material, eligibility requirements, application procedure and fee structure, and other pertinent information necessary to attend and pass the exam.

Topics: Following is the list of topics to be covered in this module-

  • About PMI & ACP

  • ACP Exam & Eligibility

  • PMI-ACP Application Process Overview

  • The Seven Domains and their overview

  • The weightage of questions in the seven domains

  • Tools & Techniques

  • Knowledge & Skills

Learning Objectives: At the end of this lesson, you will have gained the necessary understanding of Agile Principles, Manifesto, essential principles, and several approaches for practicing agile thinking.

Topics: Following is the list of topics to be covered in this module -

  • 9 Tasks

  • Why Agile

  • Agile Manifesto

  • Agile Principles

  • Agile Methodologies, Frameworks and processes

  • Agile Leadership

Learning Objectives: By the conclusion of this lesson, you will have learned how to maximize business value through prioritizing, incremental delivery, risk adjustment, and regular testing and feedback. You will also learn about the many low-tech, high-touch tools that are employed in agile projects. You'll also learn about Agile contracting and the many types of contracts used in agile projects.

Topics: Following is the list of topics to be covered in this module -

  • 14 Tasks

  • Agile Value Proposition

  • Frequent and Incremental Delivery

  • Value Assessment & Economic models

  • EVM for Agile Projects

  • Little’s law

  • Prioritization

  • Minimal Marketable Product

  • Factor Risk Reduction efforts into Product Backlog

  • Frequent Verification and Validation

  • Agile Tools

  • Agile Contracting

Learning Objectives: By the end of this lesson, you will understand the advantages of including stakeholders in the project. You will also learn how to create a common vision, various methods of cooperation, effective communication, and interpersonal skills.

Topics: Following is the list of topics to be covered in this module -

  • 9 Tasks

  • Identify and engage empowered business stakeholders

  • Share project information frequently and throughout the project with stakeholders

  • Ensure stakeholder’s involvement through working agreements

  • Agile Chartering

  • Agile Modelling

  • Manage Stakeholder’s Expectation through shared vision, shared understanding of success criteria, transparency on project status and forecasting.

  • Communication & Knowledge Sharing

  • Collaboration

Learning Objectives: This programmed will teach you all you need to know about a high-performing agile team. Agile roles, team rules, generalized specialists, team space, technical and interpersonal skills, team development, mentoring and coaching, team performance assessment, team empowerment, and emerging leadership are all part of this.

Topics: Following is the list of topics to be covered in this module -

  • 9 Tasks

  • Agile Team Roles

  • Building an Agile Team

  • Characteristics of High-Performing Team

  • Cockburn’s Skill Mastery Model (Shu-Ha-Ri)

  • Dreyfus Skill Acquisition Model

  • Tuckman’s Team Formation Model

  • Team Motivation

  • Empowerment and Emerging Leadership

  • Training, Coaching & Mentoring

  • Collaborative Team Space

  • Communication and Knowledge Sharing

  • Team Performance Metrics

Learning Objectives: At the end of this module you will learn the Agile multi-level planning process, Sizing and Estimation, Tools & Techniques, Progressive Elaboration, Rolling Wave Planning, User Stories, Time Boxing and other agile concepts related to adaptive planning. 

Topics: Following is the list of topics to be covered in this module -

  • 10 Tasks

  • Agile vs Predictive planning

  • Principles of Agile planning process

  • Progressive Elaboration & Rolling Wave Planning

  • Value based analysis and decomposition

  • User Stories

  • Product Backlog

  • Timeboxing

  • Agile Sizing & Estimation

  • Tools & Techniques

  • Multi-Level Planning (High Level, Release, Iteration)

Learning Objectives: You will learn how to detect, handle, and avoid difficulties and risks early in the project and throughout the project at the conclusion of this session. You'll also learn about cost of change, escaped defects, technical debt, cycle time and lead time, risk-adjusted backlog, and risk burndown graph.

Topics:  Following is the list of topics to be covered in this module -

  • 5 Tasks

  • Problems and their impact on Project

  • Create Open & Safe Environment

  • Agile Metrics (Lead Time, Cycle time, Throughput, Productivity, Defect Rate)

  • Problem Detection

  • Problem Solving

  • Risk Management Life Cycle

  • Tools & Techniques

Learning Objectives: At the end of this module you will learn how the Agile team focuses on continuous improvement on the product, processes as well as the team through process analysis and tailoring, feedbacks, reviews and retrospectives. You will also learn the PMI Codes of ethics and Professional Conducts expected from you as an Agile practitioner. 

Topics: Following is the list of topics to be covered in this module -

  • 6 Tasks

  • Continuous Improvement - Process

  • Process Analysis

  • Value Stream Mapping

  • Continuous Improvement – Product

  • Product Review & Feedback

  • Continuous Improvement – People

  • Retrospectives

  • Tools & Techniques

  • PMI’s Code ethics and Professional Conduct

Learning Objectives: This is a particularly prepared programmer that will assist you in understanding the PMI-ACP Test question patterns and strategies for dealing with them. We will also provide you with a study plan that you may use to pass your test. It will also include a list of resources and online connections to which you may turn for additional reading to help you improve your knowledge and abilities.

Topics: Following is the list of topics to be covered in this module -

  • Exam Question patterns

  • Study Plan

  • Exam Tips

  • Related Readings.

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You will receive a 21 Contact Hours certificate at the completion of this course, which is required to apply for the PMI-ACP® test.

PMI® ACP Online Training FAQs

"With CertHippo, you will never miss a lecture!" You can select one of two options:

  • View the recorded session of the class available in your LMS.

  • You can attend the missed session, in any other live batch."

Your access to the Support Team is unlimited and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The staff will assist you in addressing questions both during and after the training.

The ACP test costs $435 (USD) for PMI® members and $495 for non-members (USD). To make your appointment at any of the Prometric exam center's, you must apply directly to PMI®.

The PMI-ACP® exam is a computer-based exam administered at a Prometric testing center. The test has 120 multiple-choice questions, each with just one right answer. You will have three hours to respond to these questions. Twenty of the 120 questions are pretest questions. These are distributed at random throughout the exam and are utilized for research reasons. These questions are not taken into account for calculating exam results. Just 100 questions will be used to evaluate you.

Sure, we will instruct you on how to apply and complete the ACP® application form on the PMI® website. To apply for an examination, click on the following link: Examine Yourself

We have included a resume creation feature in your LMS to assist you in this attempt. You may now design a winning CV in just three simple steps. You will have unrestricted access to these templates across all roles and designations. All you have to do is sign in to your LMS and select the "make your resume" option.

CertHippo is an authorized Global PMI R.E.P. provider (Registered Education Provider, ID 4021). We provide professional development units (PDUs) upon successful completion of the course to satisfy the continuing education requirements of PMP certification holders.

(One PDU is one hour of professional development or learning relevant to project management.)

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PMI® ACP Course Description

About ACP®

The Project Management Institute's Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® certification is one of the most sought-after qualifications in the IT industry. The PMI-ACP certification honors an individual's experience in implementing agile methods in their projects, as well as their enhanced professional adaptability through agile tools and methodologies. To obtain the Agile certification, professionals must pass the PMI-ACP test administered by PMI®.

About CertHippo PMI-ACP® course

CertHippo instructor-led, online Agile Practitioner programmer is intended to assist aspiring professionals in earning Agile Certification (PMI-ACP)® and to enable existing and prospective project managers to demonstrate their degree of professionalism in agile concepts, practice's, tools, and approaches. This course is presented by trainers with years of training expertise and who have worked in Agile Project Management with some of the leading IT businesses.

What are the objectives of CertHippo PMI® Agile Certified Practitioner course ?

After completing the PMI-ACP® course, the learner will be able to:

  • Assist participants in passing the PMI-ACP® test on the first try while completing the minimum 21 contact hours of instruction.

  • Learn about Agile concepts and practices that will boost team productivity and customer satisfaction.

  • Learn how to create transparency in communication within the team and with consumers.

  • Enjoy the liberation of accepting change and explain how to manage the project's scope, schedule, and budget to ensure product delivery on time.

  • Establish trust with their employees and customers by using "common sense" best practices on a regular basis.

  • Get vital insights on how teams may "empower and inspire."

  • Acquaint yourself with the most recent market expertise on how to handle dynamic projects in the most competitive conditions.

  • Assess one's test readiness and develop a tailored self-study strategy.

  • Instill confidence to manage projects of various sizes

Who should go for the PMI-ACP® certification?

This Agile Certified Practitioner training course is intended for anybody thinking about using Agile Project Management for software development. Practitioners who want to understand Agile concepts, practice's, tools, and methodologies, such as Project Managers, Program Managers, Analysts, Developers, Testers, IT Managers/Directors, Software Engineers, Software Architects, Software Managers, Testing Managers, Team Leaders, and Customers.

PMI-RMP® Training & Certification

What are the prerequisites for PMI-ACP® exam

1. General project management experience on project teams of 2000 hours achieved within the past 5 years (Active PMP® or PgMP® would suffice).

2. Working with Agile project teams and Agile processes for 1500 hours in the previous three years.

3. 21 contact hours of Agile precise education.

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Selenium Certification

You will receive a 21 Contact Hours certificate at the completion of this course, which is required to apply for the PMI-ACP® test.

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