Comprehensive Pig Certification Training

Learn Pig Latin as well as additional topics such as File Loaders, Group Operators, Joins, Co-groups, and Pig UDF.

Why This Course

Apache Pig was created in 2006 at Yahoo Research.

Pig is used by firms such as Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft for ad-hoc data processing and analysis.


Pig is also intended for experts from non-Java background, to make their job easier.

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Comprehensive Pig Certification Training

Our Online Self-Learning Courses offer a self-paced approach, enabling participants to start learning at their preferred times. These courses provide structured training and incorporate review exercises to solidify understanding. You'll access instructional videos and PowerPoint presentations (PPTs) and engage in assignments, projects, and various activities aimed at improving learning outcomes, all tailored to your convenience.

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Comprehensive Pig Certification Training provides individuals and organizations with several benefits, including a deeper understanding of Pig and the ability to design and implement Pig scripts, optimize performance, and troubleshoot issues. Organizations can gain real-time insights into their big data and improve operational efficiency, reducing costs and increasing business agility. The training also enhances team performance and increases business value by delivering effective big data solutions that align with business objectives.

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Course Curriculum


Learning Objectives - This session will teach you the fundamentals of Pig, several sorts of use cases where Pig can be employed, the close connection between Pig and Map Reduce, and Pig Latin scripting.

Topics - Concerning Pig, Map Reduce versus Pig Pig Use Cases, Pig Programming Structure, Pig components, Pig running modes Execution of a pig, Program for Pig Latin, Pig Data Models, Pig Data Types, Project Work

Learning Objectives - In this subject, you will study more sophisticated concepts in Pig, such as Pig Latin and the many functions and tools, such as Operators and loaders.

Topics - Relational Operators, File Loaders, Group Operator, CO GROUP Operator, Joins and CO GROUP, Union, Diagnostic Operators are all examples of Pig Latin. Project work, Pig UDF, Pig Demo on Healthcare Data Set.

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You will be working on a project near the conclusion of the course. Based on the project examined by our expert panel, CertHippo qualifies you as a Certified Comprehensive Pig Expert.

Online Training FAQs

CertHippo is dedicated to providing you with an amazing learning experience by utilizing world-class content and best-in-class teachers. Through this program, we will establish an ecosystem that will allow you to turn opportunities into job offers by showcasing your talents during an interview. Once you've completed the program, we can help you create a résumé and provide essential interview questions. Please realize, however, that we do not provide job placement services.

All of the teachers at CertHippo are industry practitioners with at least 10-12 years of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts who have been trained by CertHippo to provide an excellent learning experience.

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Course Description

About The Course

After completing the course, learners will have a thorough comprehension of the key topics in Pig. Students will be able to build complicated MapReduce transformations in Pig Latin, a basic scripting language. It enables students to work on the Hadoop framework without having to use Java.

Course Objectives

You will be able to do the following after finishing the Comprehensive Pig course at CertHippo: 

  1. Learn about the advantages and features of Pig.

  2. Pig is used for data analytics.

  3. Learn how to develop your own functions for specialized processing.

  4. Complex activities requiring interconnected data transformations recorded as data flow sequences can be easily programmed.

  5. Learn advanced Pig topics such as Relational Operators, File Loaders, Group & Co-group Operators, Union, and Pig UDF.

  6. Work on a real-world project in Pig Latin and get project experience.

Who should go for this Course?

The training is intended for anybody interested in learning Pig and implementing it in Hadoop. Pig may be learned by the following professionals:

  • Analytics Professionals 

  • BI /ETL/DW Professionals 

  • Project Managers

  • Testing Professionals 

  • Mainframe Professionals 

  • Software Developers and Architects 

  • Graduates aiming to build a career in Big Data and Hadoop

What are the prerequisites for this Course?

Prerequisites for this course include basic Java knowledge.

Why Learn Comprehensive Pig ?

Pig is a vital technology that enables professionals to easily handle and control Big Data since it can be very efficiently applied in Hadoop. Working with Pig does not need any prior understanding of Java. Pig certified experts are in high demand in sectors that manage massive amounts of data.

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You will install CertHippo Virtual Machine in your system for your practical work. This will be a local connection for you. The installation instructions are available in LMS.

You will be working on a live project at the conclusion of the Course, where you will be utilizing PIG to do Big Data analyses. Here are a few industry-specific Big Data case studies on which you will be working:

Project #1:  Analyzing Aadhar Card Data

Industry: Government Sector 

Data: The following fields are included in the data set: State: This field contains state names from all around India. City: This field contains city names from all states. Approved: This field contains the total number of accepted cards. Rejected: This section contains the total number of rejected cards. 

Problem Statement: Here are a couple of the issue statements we selected to focus on using this data set: 1. Determine the total number of cards issued by states. 2. Determine the total number of cards denied by states. 3. Determine the total number of cards accepted by municipalities. 4. Determine the total number of cards rejected by municipalities. 

Project #2: Analysis of Afghan War Diaries 

Industry: Government Sector 

Data: The information was compiled by US military men and intelligence officers. To keep things simple, we will simply look at four of the data set's columns (Type, Category, Region, and Attack On).

Problem Statement: Here are a couple of the issue statements that we choose to focus on using this data set: 1.To investigate all instances involving explosive dangers. 2.To investigate explosive situations using Improvised Explosive Devices. (IEDs).

Selenium Certification

You will be working on a project near the conclusion of the course. Based on the project examined by our expert panel, CertHippo qualifies you as a Certified Comprehensive Pig Expert.

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