Comprehensive Hive Certification Training

Learn the Hive Query language, Hive UDF, and other Hive topics like data loading, querying, and import.

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The Hive framework, which is built on Hadoop, was created at Facebook.

Other companies, including as Netflix and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), use and develop Apache Hive.

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Comprehensive Hive Certification Training

Our Online Self-Learning Courses offer a self-paced approach, enabling participants to start learning at their preferred times. These courses provide structured training and incorporate review exercises to solidify understanding. You'll access instructional videos and PowerPoint presentations (PPTs) and engage in assignments, projects, and various activities aimed at improving learning outcomes, all tailored to your convenience.

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Comprehensive Hive Certification Training can enhance skills and knowledge of individuals in the field of big data engineering and analysis. It can help organizations to process and analyze big data faster, gain real-time insights, improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase business agility. Certified Hive professionals can effectively design and implement Hive solutions, optimize performance, and troubleshoot issues, leading to increased productivity and business value.

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Course Curriculum

Learning Objectives - This module will assist you in learning Hive principles like as loading, querying, and importing data.

Topics - Hive Overview, Hive Use Case, Hive Overview, Hive vs Pig, Components and Architecture of the Hive Hive's meta-store, Hive's limitations, When compared to a traditional database, Partitions and Buckets, Hive Data Types and Data Models Tables for Bees(Managed Tables and External Tables),Importing Data, Querying Data, and Managing Outputs.

Learning Objectives - This lesson will teach you more sophisticated Hive concepts such as the Hive querying language and Hive UDFs. 

Topics -  On the Healthcare Data set, Hive Script, Hive UDF, and Hive Demo are used. Joining Tables, Dynamic Partitioning, Custom MapReduce Scripts, Thrift Server, User Defined Functions are all features of Hive QL.

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You will complete a real-world project at the end of your study. You will be given a Problem Statement as well as a dataset to work with. After completing the project satisfactorily (as determined by an expert), you will be granted a certificate with a performance-based rating.

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Learning Process

Online Self Learning Courses are intended for self-directed instruction, allowing participants to begin organized training at their leisure and then complete review assignments to reinforce learning. You'll study through videos and PowerPoint presentations, as well as assignments, projects, and other activities designed to improve learning outcomes, all at times that are convenient for you.


You will install Cert Hippo Virtual Machine in your system for your practical work. This will be a local connection for you. The installation instructions are available in LMS.

Project #1: Health & Hospital Management 

Industry: Healthcare 

Problem Statement: How many hospitals have a patient satisfaction rate of greater than 60% in terms of cleanliness? Which healthcare center gets an overall rating of 9 or 10? 

Project #2: Country Project 

Industry: Government 

Problem Statement: Sort the list of nations by landmass. Find out which nations have the most bars and stripes in their flags. Count the nations that have an emblem on their flag. Count the number of nations that have the same color in their flag's top left and top right corners.

Selenium Certification

You will complete a real-world project at the end of your study. You will be given a Problem Statement as well as a dataset to work with. After completing the project satisfactorily (as determined by an expert), you will be granted a certificate with a performance-based rating.

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