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CertHippo offers the EC-Council Certified DevSecOps Engineer (ECDE) certification program, a hands-on, instructor-led course designed to equip professionals with the vital skills in Development, Security, and Operations. This comprehensive training empowers individuals to proficiently design, develop, and manage secure applications and infrastructure in the evolving landscape of DevSecOps.

Why This Course

The EC-Council Certified DevSecOps Engineer (ECDE) course is your gateway to mastering the intersection of Development, Security, and Operations in the rapidly evolving world of cybersecurity. This comprehensive program empowers professionals with the essential skills to design, develop, and maintain secure applications and infrastructure. Through hands-on, instructor-led training, participants gain practical expertise in implementing DevSecOps practices to enhance security throughout the software development lifecycle.

By enrolling in the ECDE course, you'll not only earn a prestigious certification but also position yourself as a sought-after expert in the field of DevSecOps. With a focus on real-world scenarios and industry best practices, this training equips you with the knowledge and tools needed to address security challenges effectively. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your cybersecurity journey, this course offers invaluable insights and practical skills to propel your career forward.


Invest in your future and stay ahead of the curve with the EC-Council Certified DevSecOps Engineer (E|CDE) course. Join a community of cybersecurity professionals dedicated to safeguarding digital assets and ensuring the integrity of software development processes. With the ECDE certification, you'll demonstrate your commitment to excellence and readiness to tackle the complex security challenges of today's digital landscape.

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Certified DevSecOps Engineer (ECDE) Certification Training

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Why Enroll In Certified DevSecOps Engineer ECDE Course?

Enroll in the EC-Council Certified DevSecOps Engineer (ECDE) program for a transformative learning experience. Gain hands-on expertise in Development, Security, and Operations, equipping you to design, develop, and maintain secure applications and infrastructure effectively. With industry-recognized certification and comprehensive training, you'll be well-prepared to meet the demands of the dynamic DevSecOps landscape and advance your career in cybersecurity.

Certified DevSecOps Engineer ECDE Training Features

Live Interactive Learning

  World-Class Instructors

  Expert-Led Mentoring Sessions

  Instant doubt clearing

Lifetime Access

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  Unlimited Access to Course Content

24x7 Support

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Hands-On Project Based Learning

  Industry-Relevant Projects

  Course Demo Dataset & Files

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  CertHippo Training Certificate

  Graded Performance Certificate

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  Preconfigured Lab Environment

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About your AWS Course

AWS Solutions Architect Course Skills Covered

Managing Security

Designing Data Storage Solutions

Monitoring Cloud Solutions

Designing Resilient AWS Solutions

AWS Cloud Cost Optimization

Designing Identity Solutions

Certified DevSecOps Engineer ECDE Course Curriculum

  • DevOps Fundamentals
  • CI/CD Pipeline
  • DevOps Maturity Models
  • DevOps on Cloud
  • Benefits and Challenges
  • DevOps Security Challenges
  • Integrating Security to DevOps
  • Principles & the Shift Left Approach
  • Building a DevSecOps Culture
  • DevSecOps Pipeline
  • Strategy and Tools Used.
  • Deployment Models: Blue Green Deployment
  • Cloud-Based Deployment
  • Threat Modeling Concepts
  • Continuous Integration
  • Pre-Commit Code Evaluation
  • Scanning Code Repositories
  • Secret Management Tools
  • Deploying and Integrating SCA Tools
  • Static Application Security Testing Concept and Tools
  • SAST Concepts and Tools
  • Integrating the Code Repo to SAST Tools
  • Security by Design Concepts
  • Code Review Strategy
  • DAST Concepts and Tools
  • Building a CI-CD pipeline
  • Runtime Application Self-Protection Concepts
  • RASP Tools and Capabilities
  • VAPT Strategy
  • Infrastructure as a Code Concept
  • Containerization Concepts
  • Security Challenges in Containers
  • Deploying a Docker Container with Web Server
  • Container Security Best Practices
  • CI Tool, Jenkins
  • Compliance as a Code Tools
  • Monitoring and Logging Concepts
  • Native Tools for Logging and Monitoring
  • WAF Integration

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Certified DevSecOps Engineer ECDE Online Training FAQs

DevSecOps certification is a professional certification that validates an individual’s knowledge and skills in applying security practices within the DevOps framework. It demonstrates proficiency in integrating security into the software development and deployment lifecycle, emphasizing collaboration and automation to ensure secure applications and infrastructure.

  • Exam Type: Multiple-choice questions (MCQ)
  • Number of Questions: 100
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Passing Score: 70%

The eligibility criteria to apply for the EC-Council Certified DevSecOps Engineer (E|CDE) certification are as follows:

  • Good understanding of Linux OS and basic Linux commands
  • Understanding of one of the Cloud Service Providers like AWS or Azure or GCP
  • Understanding of security concepts and architecture
  • Basic understanding of SDLC Lifecycle and automation

The E|CDE exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions.

The ECDE exam lasts 4 hours.

The passing percentage for the ECDE exam is 70%.

Leading organizations today are adopting DevSecOps to minimize data breach risks and boost business agility.

Organizations that have not effectively implemented DevSecOps often encounter the following challenges:

    • Increased security vulnerabilities
    • Reactive security measures
    • Compliance and regulatory issues
    • Lack of collaboration and communication
    • Slower time-to-market
    • Increased remediation costs
    • Limited trust and customer confidence

Choosing a Certified DevSecOps Engineer Certification offers the following benefits:

  • Enhanced skills
  • Industry recognition
  • Career advancement
  • Risk mitigation
  • Competitive advantage

DevSecOps engineers have the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Integrate security practices throughout the SDLC.
  • Automate security processes using tools and technologies.
  • Perform threat modeling to identify security threats.
  • Evaluate and implement security tools and technologies.
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Certified DevSecOps Engineer ECDE Course Description

Course Overview

The EC-Council Certified DevSecOps Engineer (ECDE) offered by CertHippo is a premier instructor-led certification program designed to empower professionals with the skills needed to secure applications and infrastructure through DevSecOps principles. This comprehensive course merges theory with practical application, enabling participants to adeptly apply DevSecOps practices across on-premises and cloud environments such as AWS and Azure. Upon completion, participants will master the integration and automation of crucial tools, processes, and methodologies, accelerating the development of secure applications within DevOps frameworks.

Why EC-Council Certified DevSecOps Engineer (ECDE) Training Course with CertHippo?

CertHippo stands at the forefront of IT security training and consulting, delivering top-tier yet affordable customized programs to organizations and individuals worldwide. Our expertise lies in role-specific certification training, ensuring professionals are well-equipped for the challenges of tomorrow. Dive into our Certified DevSecOps Engineer (ECDE) certification training course for a thorough exploration of the skills needed to safeguard applications and infrastructure with DevSecOps principles.

Here’s what you get when you choose CertHippo as your learning partner:

  • Tailored Schedule: Training sessions tailored to fit your schedule and individual requirements.
  • Continuous Support: Access to ongoing assistance and guidance until learners successfully achieve their certification objectives.
  • Session Recordings: Access recorded sessions and Learning Management System (LMS) for future reference.
  • Personalized Training: Customized training programs designed to meet your unique learning objectives.
  • Community Learning: Engage in collaborative group discussions to share knowledge and enhance learning.
  • Certification Acknowledgement: Each participant receives a certificate of participation as recognition of their achievement.
  • Professional Career Advice: Benefit from complimentary career guidance and support provided by industry experts.

EC-Council Certified DevSecOps Engineer (ECDE) Exam Modules

  • Module 01: Understanding DevOps Culture
  • Module 02: Introduction to DevSecOps
  • Module 03: DevSecOps Pipeline—Plan Stage
  • Module 04: DevSecOps Pipeline—Code Stage
  • Module 05: DevSecOps Pipeline—Build and Test Stage
  • Module 06: DevSecOps Pipeline—Release and Deploy Stage
  • Module 07: DevSecOps Pipeline—Operate and Monitor Stage

Target Audience

  • Application Security Professionals
  • DevOps Engineers
  • IT/Cyber Security Professionals
  • Software Engineers/Testers
  • Anyone with an understanding of Application Security


  • Good understanding of Linux OS and basic Linux commands
  • Understanding of one of the Cloud Service Providers like AWS or Azure, or GCP
  • Understanding of security concepts and architecture
  • Basic understanding of SDLC Lifecycle and automation
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