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CertHippo C++ Programming Course is intended to satisfy industry standards and is vetted by top industry professionals. This C++ programming course will teach you Object-Oriented Programming in C++, Coding Styles and Design Patterns, Generic Programming, and Standard Template Library. Other subjects covered in this C++ online course include C++ Compiler Toolchain, STL Algorithms and Iterators, Hex Overview, Debugging Options, and Debugging, as well as industrial application cases. To become a qualified professional, enroll in this C++ online program.

Why This Course

According to the TIOBE Sept 2020 study, C++ is the fastest growing language when compared to the previous year.

According to, the average annual compensation for a C++ Software developer is $88,750 USD.


C++ is used in the development of Adobe products, Unreal Engine, and browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

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C++ Programming Course

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Why Enroll In C++ Programming Course?

C++ Programming Course provides individuals with a recognized certification that verifies their expertise in C++ programming. This certification can enhance their professional credibility, increase their employability, and lead to higher-paying job opportunities. Additionally, the course offers practical, hands-on experience and teaches how to develop efficient and scalable software applications using a variety of C++ programming tools and features. C++ is widely used in various industries, making it a valuable skill to have in today's job market, and mastering C++ programming can open up new career opportunities.

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C++ Programming Course Curriculum


  • Differences between C and C++

  • History of C++

  • Evolution of C++

  • C++ Versions

  • C++ 11 Features

  • What is C++?

  • Characteristics of C++


  • What is Object-Oriented Programming?

  • Features of OOP

  • Why is C++ Partially Object-Oriented?

  • What are Classes?

  • What are Objects?

  • How to Access Data Members/Member Functions?

  • Class Members

  • C++ Access Modifiers

  • Types of Access Specifier

  • Public Access Modifier

  • Private Access Modifier

  • Protected Access Modifier

  • Static Variables and Functions

  • Static Functions

  • Static Members Function

  • What is a Constructor?

  • What is a Destructor?

  • What is a Default Constructor?

  • What is a Parameterized Constructor?

  • What are Generic Classes?

  • What are Generic Functions?

  • Creating Generic Functions

  • Types of Generic Functions

  • Overloading Generic Functions

  • What are Parameters?

  • What are Arguments?

  • Default Parameter

  • Multiple Parameter

  • Types of Argument Passing

  • Pass By Value

  • Pass By Reference


  • What is a Clean Code?

  • How to write a Clean Code?

  • What is a Design Pattern?

  • Types of Design Pattern

  • What is Design for Testing?


  • What is Generic Programming?

  • Advantages of Generic Programming

  • What are Templates?

  • Implementing Generic Programming Linker Options

  • What is a Standard Template Library (STL)?

  • Components of STL

  • Containers

  • Types of Containers

  • Applications of Containers

  • What are Vectors?

  • Member Functions of Vectors

  • What is a Minimum Spanning Tree?

  • Kruskal’s Algorithm

  • Prim’s Algorithm

  • Applications of MS


  • Optimization for Speed/Memory


  • What is a Linker?

  • What is a Loader?

  • What is a Library?

  • What are Static Libraries?

  • What are Dynamic Libraries?


  • What are STL Algorithms?

  • Implementation of STL Algorithms

  • Types of STL Algorithms

  • What are STL Iterators?

  • Types of Iterators

  • Implementation of Iterators

  • What are Functions?

  • Types of Functions

  • Function Declaration

  • Function Definition

  • Function Calling

  • Advantages of Functions

  • Functors in C++

  • What is Lambda Expression?

  • Example of Lambda Expression

  • Lambda Closures


  • Hex-Overview

  • Implementation of Tic Tac Toe Game

  • What is Inheritance?

  • What are the different types of Inheritance?

  • What is a Virtual Function?

  • What is Binding?

  • What are Abstract Classes


  • Debugging options in C++

  • What is Static and Dynamic Code Analysis?

  • Debugger Options

  • C++ Code Profiling

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C++ Programming Online Training FAQs

You will have full access to prior class recordings, PPTs, PDFs, and assignments.

Yes, after you enroll in the course, you will have lifetime access to the course material.

CertHippo C++ Certification Training is the most effective training module for mastering the language and pursuing a career in it. We also provide a wealth of free courses and articles to assist you get started with C++ and cover the fundamentals thoroughly.

To learn C++, no such skill set is necessary. When learning C++, having a fundamental functional understanding of a programming language will be beneficial.

If you have strong C++ skills, you may expect to advance your career in software and application development.

With the introduction of technology, learning methodology has altered. Online training improves the training module's ease and quality. Our online learners will have someone available to them at all times, even after the lesson has ended, thanks to our 24x7 support system. This is one of the driving forces in ensuring that people attain their ultimate learning goal. We also give life-time access to our updated course materials.

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C++ Programming Course Description

About the C++ Programing Course

CertHippo C++ training is intended to assist you in developing high-performance programs for any enterprise, such as browsers or gaming engines. You will be able to gain new abilities such as Object-Oriented Programming in C++, Coding Styles and Design Patterns, Generic Programming and Standard Template Library, Optimize C++ code, C++ Compiler Toolchain, STL Algorithms and Iterators, Hex Overview & Debugging Options.

Why learn C++?

According to the TIOBE index, C++ is now the fourth most used language in the world. It is utilized in a variety of applications where high-performance software is required. C++ is used in the development of Adobe products, Unreal Engine, and browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

C++ is still significant because many applications continue to have bottlenecks in processing performance, and these issues are not going away. It is now one of the best choices for rapid applications, with alternatives such as Rust severely missing ecosystem support for a wide range of use cases.

Furthermore, there are considerable advantages to learning a language with manual memory management. C++ brings you considerably closer to the bare metal, which aids in understanding how computers function.

What are the objectives of our C++ Certification Training Course?

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Learn about C++ data types, conditional statements and loops, multithreading, and exception handling.

  • Learn about object-oriented programming in C++ utilizing Classes, Objects, and numerous C++ concepts such as Abstract, Final, and so on.

  • Learn about industry standards and best practices by using code style and design patterns.

  • Improve the efficiency and reusability of C++ code.

  • Learn about the compiler toolchain and STL algorithms.

  • Debug C++ programs

  • Get involved in a variety of real-world industrial initiatives.

Who should go for this C++ Certification Course?

Anyone interested in learning the art of high-performance application development can enroll in our C++ Certification Course. Aside from that, anyone who wishes to learn the C++ language can enroll in our C++ Certification Training.

What are the prerequisites for this C++ Certification Course?

Our C++ Certification Training has no such prerequisites. Prior experience of any programming language, however, will be beneficial but is not required.

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  • RAM: 2GB

  • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo or higher

  • Operating System: 32 or 64 bit OS with C++ compiler and a text editor

  • You will require a C++ compiler and a text editor to execute the practicals.

Following practicals will be a part of this C++ Certification Course:

  • Creating Classes & Objects

  • Populating variables & member functions

  • Working with Static Variables and functions

  • Writing Constructors and destructors

  • Default & parameterized constructors

  • Generic classes and functions

  • Writing Generic Functions using templates

  • Creating & working with Vectors

  • Memory Allocation & optimization

  • Working with Linkers and Loaders

  • Working with STL Algorithms

  • Implementing Iterators

  • Working with Lambda Expressions

  • Working with Hex Programming

  • Designing and implementing tic-tac-toe game

  • Debugging C++ programs

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