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ServiceNow Admin Certification Training

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This Training will help you develop the skills and essential knowledge necessary to pass the ServiceNow System Administrator Certification Exam. You will learn to manage the configuration, implementation and maintenance of the ServiceNow system while doing a deep dive on concepts like User Administration, Data Management & Reporting, Automation Platform, Orchestration, Asset Management, Service Catalog using real time case studies.

Why this course ?

Bupa, GE Capital, Intuit, KPMG, NetApp, NHS, RBS, Redhat, Siemens & many other MNC's worldwide use ServiceNow across industries

ServiceNow leads the Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Service Support Management Tools

Average salary of ServiceNow Certified System Administrator is $85k - Indeed.com

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Instructor-led Sessions

18 Hours of Online Live Instructor-Led Classes. Weekend Class : 6 sessions of 3 hours each.

Real-life Case Studies

Live project based on any of the selected use cases, involving implementation of the various ServiceNow concepts.


Each class will be followed by practical assignments which will aggregate to minimum 20 hours.

Lifetime Access

You get lifetime access to Learning Management System (LMS) where presentations, quizzes, installation guide & class recordings are there.

24 x 7 Expert Support

We have 24x7 online support team to resolve all your technical queries, through ticket based tracking system, for the lifetime.


Towards the end of the course, you will be working on a project. AddiLearn certifies you as an ServiceNow System Administrator 


We have a community forum for all our customers that further facilitates learning through peer interaction and knowledge sharing.

Certhippo's ‘ServiceNow System Administration’ Training is designed for IT professionals and System Administrators who are new to the ServiceNow ecosystem. In this training, you will learn to implement various system administration functions, configure and perform fundamental administration tasks. You will:

  • Perform core configuration tasks and understand User Interface (UI) policies, data policies, UI actions, business rules and client scripts
  • Understanding basics of ServiceNow table structuring, its relationships, and administration
  • Learn administration of users and basics of application security
  • Learn important concepts of Configuration management database (CMDB) in ServiceNow
  • Import sets and update sets
  • Create workflow activities and approvals
  • Understand knowledge base and ServiceNow service catalog
  • Configure alerts and notifications
  • Generate reports
  • Configure SLAs
  • Learn how to customize and perform branding of instance
  • Using the social features in ServiceNow

ServiceNow System Administration Certification Training will make you an expert in the concepts related to Administration of ServiceNow. This course will help you to pass ServiceNow System Administration Certification Exam, and acts as a pre-requisite for Advanced ServiceNow Certifications.

After completion of this training you will be able to:

  • Prepare to pass easily for ServiceNow System Administration Certification Exam
  • Overview of ServiceNow system and User Interface
  • Understand User Administration
  • Understand the data and information structure in ServiceNow and learn how to report it
  • Implement and learn concepts of Self-Service and Automation
  • Administer Core Applications of ServiceNow
  • Configure and Maintain ServiceNow through Update Sets and Upgrades
  • Understanding basic concepts of performance troubleshooting

This ServiceNow Admin training is designed for the IT professionals who want to pursue a career in Cloud Computing and become ServiceNow Administrator. This ServiceNow course is a best fit for:

  • Professionals who are working or want to work in Cloud Computing platform
  • Functional consultants who are looking to switch to ServiceNow
  • Freshers who want to start their career in Cloud computing
  • Developers who have experience in C#, Java, JavaScript

There are no specific prerequisites for participating in ServiceNow Admin training. Any professional who has an understanding of IT Service Management can join this training. There is no programming knowledge needed and no prior ServiceNow Admin experience required.

The system requirements include Minimum 4 GB RAM, i3 processor or above, 20 GB HDD.

For executing the practicals you will be creating a personal developer instance of ServiceNow to do the hands-on exercises related to the topics. The step-wise guide for “ServiceNow Account Creation” will be available in the LMS and Certhippo's support team will assist you.

Goal: In this module, you will be introduced to ServiceNow platform and its UI essentials.


Learning Domain: System Information Architecture - Understanding core ITIL principals, Customize your instance by personalizing lists, filters and forms, Understand Service Now product features, Design and Implementation of Service Now ITSM Modules / Integrations, Create custom applications Administer forms and lists.

Objectives: Upon completing this module, you should be able to: Login to ServiceNow, Know ServiceNow platform and Mobile Platform, Know versions and customers, Understand UI and Branding Options, Understand Architecture of ServiceNow Platform, Integrate and manage Lists and Forms, Configure Navigation and Search, Activate plugins.

Topics: Overview of ServiceNow, Versions, Customers, Architecture, Integrations, Login and User Interface, How to Configure Navigation, What are Search and Banding options, How to Manage Lists and Forms, Explore Filters, Breadcrumbs and Search functionality, Plugins, Social and collaboration features in ServiceNow.

Practicals Covered: UI Essentials: Configure Navigation, Favorites, Search, UI, branding and personalizing instances, Configuration Essentials: Manage Lists, Filters, Forms, Breadcrumbs and plugins.

Goal: In this module, you will learn the tasks involved in user administration.


Learning Domain: Administer Users and Define Application Security - Administration and customizations, Create a chat room and set up help desk chat, Manage user accounts, groups, and roles, Personalize and create forms and fields for the various roles and groups to target company requirements, Administrate the system, Add users, groups and roles, Perform day to day support, administration of the ServiceNow platform including configuration, integrations and administration.

Objectives: At the end of this module, you should be able to: Add Users, add new Group automatically associated with New User Record, Assign Roles to a Group, Configure User Accounts, Add Users to new Groups, Create and test New Assignment Rule.

Topics: User data and Authentication of users, Adding users and Groups, Roles & Commonly provided Roles, About Admin roles, Testing and creating Assignment Rule.

Practicals Covered : User Administration: Add Users, add new Group automatically associated with New User Record, Assign Roles to a Group, Add Users to new Groups, Create and test New Assignment Rule

Goal: In this module, you will learn how to manage data with tables and create custom applications with the app creator. You will also learn to work with import sets and add configuration items (CIs) to the CMDB.


Learning Domain: Monitor, Communicate, and Report on Activity - Import users, apply update sets, activate plugins, and build reports, gauges and homepages, CMDB Configuration and management, Reporting and dashboard configuration, Develop, configure and improve core and custom applications, Create new applications and new modules to establish an information hierarchy, Move data in and out of an instance using import sets and transform maps, Define reports.

Objectives: At the end of this module, you should be able to: Create new table, Create Applications and Modules, Create Custom app, Work with Import Sets, Transform Maps, Add and Map Cis, Configure and run Reports.

Topics: Database and ServiceNow Tables, Table relationships and administration, Applications and Modules, Import Sets, Data Sources and Transform Maps, CMDB, Cis and the ServiceNow tables, Reporting application and capabilities, Running Reporting.

Practicals Covered: Tables: Create new table, Applications and Modules, Import Sets: Import Sets, Data Sources and Transform Maps, CMDB: Add and Map Cis, Reporting: Configure and run Reports.

Goal: In this module, you will understand key ServiceNow platform applications. This module will teach you to perform workflow activities and administration. It will also teach you to create and apply SLAs.


Learning Domain: Monitor, Communicate, and Report on Activity, Implement Self-Service and Automation - Create new Service Now elements, including workflow, service catalog items, SLAs, tables, applications, and modules, Control system access and data security Configure reports, notifications, approvals, and social IT, Familiarity with Business Rules, UI Actions, SLAs, CMDB, Asset Management, UI Policies, Service Portal, and Scheduled Imports, Report on modules such as PPM, Problem, Incident, Request, Service Catalog and Email, Configuration of Knowledgebase, Configuration of Service Catalog, Implement and maintain custom forms/workflows, publishing Service Offerings in the Self-Service Portal (Service Catalog), and document of the ITSM processes, Developing and implementing workflows, system configuration, troubleshooting and providing support with existing process implementations, Build workflows, Configure the Service Catalog, Work with two key process applications: Incident and ServiceNow Service Catalog, Design and Architect Automation workflows using ServiceNow Orchestrator, Interact with the ServiceNow Knowledge Base for company use, Fulfil ESS user requests using Service Catalog to create items and record producers, variables, and workflows, Use workflows to manage processes and meet Business Requirements.

Objectives: At the end of this module, you should able to: Create Knowledge Base Article, Create Service Items and add variables, Work with Workflow Activities, Work with Approvals, Understand SLA for Catalog Requests.

Topics: Knowledge Management, Knowledge Base architecture & Security, Service Catalog, Major Components of Service Catalog, Maintaining Catalog Items and Variables, Record Producers and Order Guides, Workflow states, Activities, conditions and stages, Approvals, SLA.

Practicals Covered : Knowledge Base: Creating Knowledge Base Article, Service Catalog: Creating Service Catalog Items and adding variables, Workflows: Workflow Activities and Approvals, SLAs: Defining an SLA for Catalog Requests.

Goal: In this module, you will learn UI Policies, Data Policies, UI Actions, Business Rules and Client Scripts. It will also teach you to configure Application Security and work with Notifications.


Learning Domain: Monitor, Communicate, and Report on Activity, Implement Self-Service and Automation - Configure the UI Administer tables, fields, relationships, and metadata, Perform ServiceNow administration tasks for access, group roles, and managing the ServiceNow implementation, Configure alerts and notifications, Create an Access Control Rule (ACL), Hands-on experience of working with script-based ServiceNow components such as business rules, script includes, client scripts, UI pages etc, Configuring, administering and scripting the ServiceNow, Create and configure Business Rules, UI Policies, UI Actions and Client Scripts, Notifications, UI Macros.

Objectives: At the end of this Module, you should be able to: Manage and create UI Policies, Data Policies, UI Actions, Business Rules and Client Scripts, Provide access to Applications and Modules for a specified role, Create an Access Control Rule to allow record Read Access, Create an Access Control Rule to restrict column Read Access, Create a Notification based upon a Business Rule, Create and configure email notifications.

Topics: Client Side and Server Side – An architecture overview, UI Policy & Data Policy, UI Action, Business RulesClient Scripts, Access Overview – Levels of security, ACLs and High Security Settings, Events, Notifications and Logs.

Practicals Covered: Policies and Interactions: UI Policies, Data Policies, UI Actions, Business Rules, Application Security: Application and Module Access for a specified role, creating an Access Control Rule like Read Access, Create an Access Control Rule to restrict column Read Access, Notifications: Notifications based upon a Business Rule, sending an email notification.

Goal: In this module, you will learn to create and apply update sets. This module will teach you performance statistics and how to upgrade process and use the collaboration capabilities.


Learning Domain: Configure and Maintain ServiceNow through Update Sets and Upgrades - Create and use update sets to facilitate moving customizations between systems, Perform installation and testing of ServiceNow updates and new releases, Monitor health, usage and overall compliance of ServiceNow and its applications.

Objectives: At the end of this module, you should be able to: Create and Retrieve an Update Set, Confirm Release and Upgrade Status, Edit New Build Notifications, Use Connect to resolve Lost Prototype Incident

Topics: Update Set, Update Set capture and update set processes, ServiceNow Release Cycle, Notifications, Performance components and stats, Connect - A useful collaboration tool.

Practicals Covered: Update Sets, Upgrades and Performance, Collaboration

You will never miss a lecture at Certhippo! You can choose either of the two options:

  • View the recorded session of the class available in your LMS.
  • You can attend the missed session, in any other live batch.

Certhippo is committed to provide you an awesome learning experience through world-class content and best-in-class instructors. We will create an ecosystem through this training, that will enable you to convert opportunities into job offers by presenting your skills at the time of an interview. We can assist you in resume building and also share important interview questions once you are done with the training. However, please understand that we are not into job placements.

We have limited number of participants in a live session to maintain the Quality Standards. So, unfortunately participation in a live class without enrollment is not possible. However, you can go through the sample class recording and it would give you a clear insight about how are the classes conducted, quality of instructors and the level of interaction in a class.

All the instructors at Certhippo are practitioners from the Industry with minimum 10-12 yrs of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts and are trained by Certhippo for providing an awesome learning experience to the participants.

    • Once you are successfully through the project (Reviewed by a Certhippo expert), you will be awarded with Certhippo’s ServiceNow System Administrator Certificate.
    • Certhippo certification has industry recognition and we are the preferred training partner for many MNCs e.g.Cisco, Ford, Mphasis, Nokia, Wipro, Accenture, IBM, Philips, Citi, Ford, Mindtree, BNYMellon etc. Please be assured.